Step by step Install Touch4Wash App

Step 1

Search for “Touch4Wash” in PlayStore

Step 2

Install Touch4Wash app and Open

Step 3

Type in Phone Number and click on “Save Settings”

Step 4

Click on “Get App Key”

Step 5

Fill in fields (Mobile Number, First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, and State) Click “Continue”

Step 6

Choose Location in TX — “Laredo – Shiny Car Wash” Fill in fields (Create a Password, Confirm Password, Card Number, CVV, Exp Month, Exp Year) Click “Register”

Step 7

Wait for your key.

Step 8

You will receive a text with your 4 digit App Key.

Step 9

Type in the App Key into the “App Activation Final Step” Click “Save App Key”

Step 10

It’ll say your settings are saved. Click “OK”

Step 11

You have the option of seeing membership options or “pay as you go”

Step 12

Congratulations you have successfully Registered