Would I be getting into a contract if I join the “Unlimited Shiny Club”?

No, you can cancel at any time. 

How do I join the “Unlimited Shiny Club”

Please click “here 

Once I join the “Unlimited Shiny Club” how do I claim my welcome kit?

Come to our carwash, we will validate your info on our system and we will give you the welcome kit with a $35 dlls value

What happens if I go over the self-serve and Mat Wash allotted time on my “Unlimited Shiny Club”

Once you go over your allowed time you will get charged at a regular price

How do I access the free Wifi?

Once you join any “Unlimited Shiny Club” membership, we will send you a text with the user name and password 

Can I get rewards if I join the “Unlimited Shiny Club”

you’re already getting rewarded with unlimited washes, you don’t need to earn rewards

Can I get a free Shammy if I join the “Unlimited Shiny Club”?

Your welcome kit includes a Shammy and other items with a $35 dlls value 

How do I download the “Touch4wash” app?

Please click “here” 

Do I need to give my credit card info to download the app?

Yes, you will not get charged to download the app. You will only be charged if you purchase a service (Automatic Car wash, Self-serve & mat cleaning) FREE VACUUMS!!!! 

We take security very seriously. The Touch4Wash services are PCI compliant. 

How will the charges appear on my credit card?


How do I use the app to activate a service?
  • Make sure you are at the location 
  • Select the bay you want to use. The location will have signs that match to the wash bay in the app 
  • Select the wash level you want to purchase. For automatic washes, make sure you are next to enter the wash before selecting 
  • Wash request is sent to machine. Self-serve bays and vacuums will start. For automatic washes wait for the wash to indicate it is time to enter. 
If I download the app will I get free vacuums?

Yes, once you are at any of our vacuums you can activate it through our app 

What if my “Shammy” wears out or tears?

Bring it back and if you still have the app we will replace it for free

Once I download the app how do I claim my free wash?

Your account will automatically get a $13 credit that you can use with any car wash 

How do I accumulate reward points?

Each service will indicate the points you get awarded and the points you will need to start a service

How the referral program works?

On the app go to “Invite Friends Earn Free Washes” and follow the instructions. After your friend’s first wash you will earn a $5.00 credit valid towards any service

If I am not part of the “Unlimited Shiny Club” or download the “Touch4Wash” app, can I still wash my car?

Yes, but remember that by downloading our app you will get rewards and by joining our “Unlimited Shiny Club” you will save lots of money 

What to do if a service doesn’t get activated through the app?

Our service has a 98% connectivity rate but if you are part of the 2% just give us a call (956) 307 6622 and we will activate the service for you